Safe Software FME Form Desktop 2023 download

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Safe Software FME Form Desktop 2023 download

Safe Software FME Form Desktop 2023
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FME Desktop is Safe Software’s suite of data integration and productivity tools. You can create a workspace with a few quick clicks using the drag-and-drop interface. Workspaces are repeatable and redoable. No programming required, which means you can spend more time working with your data and less time fighting it.

Functions and features of FME Desktop software:

Work with all your data in one central location – let you import data from hundreds of sources and export data to hundreds of sources

Convert data from A to B, perform complex integration

Includes over 475 data converters for complete control over the content, structure and style of your data

Support for most formats and protocols allows you to connect virtually any data from any system.

43 new ways to convert data, 13 converters added

Data translation between systems

Manage output files or object types based on a value such as a feature or layer

Enjoy automatic validation when creating messages and subscriptions.

Automatically create scripts, display tables, execute SQL queries with FME SQL editors

Visualize data input and output with just one click when creating a workflow

Support for 11 formats:

Autodesk ReCap, General Traffic Format Specification (GTFS), AWS Aurora, Portal for ArcGIS, SAP HANA (Non-spatial), SAP ASE, Denodo, IndoorGML, Adobe PRC, Japanese National Numeric Information, FME Workspace

System Requirements for FME Desktop

Operating system

Windows 10

Windows 8

Windows 7

Windows Server 2012/2008

64-bit and 32-bit

Safe Software FME Form Desktop 2023

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